Gender Diversity and Business Growth with Ellen Voie

February 22, 2023 Tim Rohling Season 6 Episode 3
Gender Diversity and Business Growth with Ellen Voie
Show Notes

Enjoy this conversation with Ellen Voie, Founder & CEO of Women in Trucking that explores the importance of diversity on your team, in your business, and industry to drive real growth.

For over a decade, Women in Trucking has been focused on a clear mission to encourage employment, address obstacles and celebrate success. It's supported by a passionate leadership team, highly engaged members, and committed sponsors and partners.

They continue to build a strong community among their members (primarily business professionals and professional drivers) who believe in and support their mission.

Gender diversity brings new perspectives, and fuels greater idea generation, problem-solving, and innovation, increasing business performance and overall revenue generation. Gain access to relevant market intelligence, content, networking, collaboration, and best practices to help you achieve this.

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